[2404 Raffle] Little Gem Volo – LE Qty.3



Little Gem Girl Blossom
Limited quantity 3

€ 1,611.00

Please apply after registering membership.
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Application Period

Apr. 9 ~ Apr. 14, 2024. 11am KST

Winner Announcement Date Apr. 16, 2024. 11am KST
Order Period for the Winner  Apr. 16 ~ Apr. 17, 2024. 11am KST

* Winners will be announced by the membership number through the notice board of our website.
* Your membership number is the # number written right next to your account ID in ‘My Account’ page after log in our website.
* If the winner does not pay within the order period, the prize will be automatically canceled and the opportunity to purchase will be given to the preliminary winner.
* If you do not pay after winning, you may be restricted from applying to future events, so please apply carefully.



★ The production period takes 200 days from the order completion day. ★







+ LG Volo Dark Grey Skin
  – Lux & Volo Basic Head, Romantic Fantasy Head
  – Little Gem 43 Human Girl Blossom Body (Basic hands&feet included)
  – Parts : Horns, Wings, Calves, Feet, Nail hands
+ Doll Carrier Zip Bag
+ Certificate of Authenticity
 *One is issued for the doll*
+ Part Blushing : SOOM
+ Outfit : Moon J.
+ Wig : SOOM
+ 14mm Resin Eyes(1set) : Enchanted Doll

* Exclusive chest parts for the wing will be provided.
* Blushing is only included for the fantasy parts (Horns, Wings, Calves, Feet, Nail hands), and human body parts do not include blushing.
* The eyelashes are partially dyed with blue paint, and may peel off if they’re touched excessively.
* The mother-of-pearl of the face-up is attached to feel as similar as possible to the photo sample, but there may be slight differences in the cut shape or size of the mother-of-pearl



Winner’s membership number

#124744   #111112   #102066

Preliminary winner’s membership number(in order)

#126808   #135728   #130852   #116187


Notice for the SOOM Raffle

This sales method introduced to provide fairer opportunities and convenience to our customers,
And the winning customer will be given a chance to purchase the product through our official online store.

Fairness Compliance

Only members whose doll purchase history can be confirmed on our official website can apply once per person.
The raffle winner will be selected 100% randomly through the program, and noticed the list of winners for fairness.
The list of Winners will be noticed in membership number format for security.
Your membership number is the # number written right next to your account ID in ‘My Account’ page after log in our website.
Additional winners will be selected according to the unordered quantity among the first winners through a preliminary draw

Notice on application

Entries are limited to once per person, and duplicate entries will be invalid.
It cannot be changed options or cancel after application, so please apply carefully.
Membership registration and raffle application using macros are invalidated.
If payment is not made after winning, the application eligibility for future events will be restricted, so please apply carefully.
Please check our notice of the winner on our website directly.

Notice to winners

Only the winner can purchase, and eligibility to win cannot be transferred to another person.
Please note that if high-priced resale is confirmed through customer reporting and monitoring, the order will be canceled and the account blocked after confirmation.
Winners must place an order within the order period, and if payment is not made, the prize will be cancelled.
If the product option you applied and the option you actually ordered are different, the order will be canceled and the purchase opportunity will be given to the preliminary winner.
We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by late confirmation of winnings, sharing of your account with others, or leakage of password, and cannot be applied any exceptions for purchasing, so please be careful.
Refund is only possible if exchange is not possible in case of defective product due to the limited quantity event.

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