2022 Customer Appreciation Event

I. 20% discount event of the Little Gem 2021 New Body
for Little Gem Owners

How to apply
▪ Normal Skin, Peony White Skin, Tawny Skin
: From January 2022, the product page that can be ordered will be released bi-monthly.
You can order a different skin color or gender from your existing Little Gem doll.

– Normal Skin : January, July
– Peony White : March, September
– Tawny : May, November

▪ Other skin colors
: When dolls of the skin color you want are released, during the order period of dolls, You can order a Little Gem Body through our Q&A board.
But you cannot order in skin colors with limited quantity.

▪ You will be asked your existing Certificate of Authenticity number when you purchase.
▪ You can order as many as the number of Little Gem dolls you have.
▪ As this is a discount event item, so it cannot be purchased with the points nor earning points.
▪ Release schedule and skin color may change depending on our internal situations,
and details will be announced through our newsletter and SNS

II. Paid warranty 20% discount

▪ For a year in 2022, paid warranty will be provided at 20% discount.
▪ You can apply through our Q&A board in the same way as before.

III. 20% discount for Soom Resin Eyes

▪ For a year in 2022, the discount coupon will be enclosed
in the newsletter of the doll that is released for the first time every month.

▪ Please note that coupons have an expiration date.

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Please feel free to contact us through our Q&A board if you have any questions about the event.

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