2021 Little Gem Renewal Body (Girl)


2021 Little Gem Renewal Body – Girl







Old & Renewal Little Gem Body Comparison



2021 LG43
* unit : cmMaleFemaleMaleFemale
Height (including head)43.542.541.541.5
Height (excluding head)38373535
Weight (kg)
Head girth (inch)7~87~87~87~8
Eye size* (mm)12-1412-1412-1412-14
Neck girth76.87.26.8
Upper body length (neck to pelvis)12.511.51111
Shoulder width (including arms)
Shoulder width (excluding arms)
Arm length (Shoulder to wrist)12.5121212
Wrist girth5.14.655
Chest girth1816.71716.5
Waist girth1411.614.413.5
Pelvis girth161516.515.5
Hip girth1818.418.317.5
Lower body length (pelvis-foot)25.525.52424
Leg length (thigh to foot)23232222
Leg length (thigh to ankle)212119.519.5
Thigh length11111010.3
Thigh girth9.810.510.210.2
Calf length10109.59.5
Calf girth7.
Ankle girth (ankle joint)
Foot length5.
Foot width2.

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