[ONE PICK Vote Event] BEST CHOICE – Result announcement

Result Announcement

Thank you very much for participating in this Teenie Gem Best Choice Event.
The vote this time has participated by 27 countries around the world, and 298 votes of the total.
And we would like to announce the most voted doll among them as follows

We also would like to appreciate to our fans who voted other dolls that were not selected as the top.
We will release more Teenie Gem dolls that can be loved by more people by referring to the results of this time, so your support and interest will be highly appreciated

Thank you always for your support and interest.

Best of THE Best Teenie Gem


Selen & Sabie 43.27%
Feny & Necy 18.34%
Viol & Ling 12.32%
Carbon & Luxullia 9.17%
Smokey 8.88%
Ario & Argil 8.02%

Fantasy Parts

Winged Elves 32.33%
Valar of Nature 28.57%
Leaves Elves 14.54%
Raucar of Destruction 12.03%
Dear my Bunny 9.27%
Onocentaur 3.26%

Skin Color

Pale Violet 25.30%
Honey Yellow 24.51%
Snow Blue 18.58%
Tawny 15.42%
Peony White 10.28%
Normal Skin 5.93%

The most selected doll this time will be released on Oct. 20, 2023.

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