[Important Notice] Notice of Change in Product Preparation Period

Thank you for loving our doll.
We would like to inform you that there are important changes regarding the product preparation period.
Please note that in order to provide better quality dolls, we will make some changes to the product preparation period and 100 days delivery guarantee service as shown below.

【Before change】

Products will be ready in 90 days after your full payment day. Please refer to the preparation period according to the order product type below.

1. Pre-ordered products (most of resin dolls)
Shipped within 60~90 days after your full payment day (special case, production process takes up to 90 days)

2. General products (excluding pre-order products)
Ships within 24~48 hours after your full payment day (It takes about 10~30 days if there is no stock)

※ 100 Days Shipping Guarantee Program
SOOM guarantees your shipment within 100 days after your full payment day, and operates a “shipping guarantee system” that will compensate you for late shipment after 100 days. For more information, please refer to the “Shipping Guarantee Program”.

【After change】

Our products are divided into pre-order and general products, and depending on whether the product is manufactured, the production period is as follows.

1. Pre-ordered products* (Dolls, Parts, Eyes, Wigs, Outfits, Shoes, Accessories, etc.)
Shipped in 60~90 days after your full payment day, or may take more than that in some cases.

*Pre-ordered products are produced through collaboration with artists in each field. So detailed process is required, and please note that the production period may be extended depending on the difficulty of the work and the order quantity.

2.General products (Additional products required for doll care, such as assembly, makeup, customize supplies, etc.)
Ships in 1~2 workdays after your full payment day.

※ SOOM’s basic policy is to ship as quickly as possible. But since providing excellent quality is more important than fast delivery, production requires detailed work by multiple artists.
We would like to send you better quality dolls to reward our customers’ waiting, so we ask for your cooperation and patience.

*The existing 100 days shipping guarantee program will be ended on May 2, 2024

The above changes will apply to contracts after on May 2, 2024. Thank you.
Last updated on 03/04/2024

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