SOOM smart tag with neuron as a motif

Thank you for loving our doll 🙂
We would like to introduce the smart tag of Soom which many people may be curious.
Inside the head and body of Soom dolls released after 2021, you can find a cap with a unique pattern that you have never seen before.
This is the ‘Soom Smart ID Tag’

Soom Smart Tag is for customers who have felt the uncomfortable in checking whether a doll is authentic or not.
And we made this after thinking about a way to easily and conveniently check whether a doll is authentic or not.
Especially it is possible to immediately check for authenticity without a certificate, so it is expected that it will be of great help in preventing damage caused by recast dolls



The smart tag inserts a tiny chipset that stores the doll’s unique ID information into the head and chest, and seals them with covers so that it cannot be easily separated.
This unique patterned cover is designed as a motif of the organic shape of a real human neurotransmitter cell – a neuron. In addition, the smart tag is made of a special material, so it can withstand high temperatures as well as waterproof, and usable for more than 20 years


Installing smart tag on all dolls is a fastidious work, but it makes very convenient now that you can check whether the doll is authentic or not
by tagging with your smartphone!! 🙂🙂

If your have any inconveniences during use, we’re willing to improve it, so we ask for your interest and advice.
Thank you.



2 thoughts on “SOOM smart tag with neuron as a motif

  1. UnicornSilverMoon says:

    I’m not keen on this, and I’m less keen on the design. It feels creepy, especially when seen in person. It’s in my new doll, and doesn’t make me very happy, as I didn’t think it was going to be. Thumbs down to this idea.

  2. vhdangel says:

    I think this is a great idea! It’s so easy to use, and you know for certain it’s a genuine Soom doll. Great technology! I still appreciate the CoAs, but this is neat. 🙂 Several of my dolls have it now, and it’s pretty inconspicuous. Good job, Soom!

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