SOOM Special Online Event (4.10~4.13)

Thank you for loving our dolls?

We refrain from participating in the first half of the offline event to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and on behalf of the unfortunate heart of not seeing yours who have been waiting for the events, we would like to open an online event for 4 days as follow.

ORDER PERIOD : Apr. 10 ~ Apr. 13, 2020. 11am KST

【The Gem】
◈ PG_Ondiin (Cream White, Honey Yellow)

◈ LG_Teschen & Mylo (Cream White, Powder Blue)

◈ iMda 3.0 Angelique (NR, CW)
◈ Pet Doll Humpty-Dumpty (CW, TW)

Special item (Can be sent immediately)
▷ iMda 1.7 Jane (Full Set) (Only 6 sets)
▷ iMda 1.7 Mary (Full Set) (Only 4 sets)
▷ iMda 3.0 Modigli (2heads+1Body & with Special Face up Basic Head) (Only 3 sets)
▷ iMda 4.3 Manon (Basic heads+1Body & with Special Face up Basic Head) (Only 2 sets)

*자For more information, please check our website on ’Friday, April 10‘ 

We hope that we can all return to our life with healthy and safely as soon as possible.
Although we cannot meet you, we ask for your continued interest and support for the online event this time.
Thank you and have a great day

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